5 Brand New Manga Acquired by Seven Seas

Published May 23, 2019 — #seven seas #licensing #manga

On May 23th, Seven Seas Entertainment's Twitter announced that they will be releasing 5 titles of their newly acquired licenses — 4 manga and 1 light novel.


A terminally ill girl by the name of Himari Takakura is magically saved from death by a spirit which inhabits a penguin-shaped hat. However, in exchange of Himari's life, her twin brothers have to search for a mysterious item named Penguindrum, with the assistence of three weird penguins. The Penguindrum manga is an adaption of the original anime directed by Ikuhara Kunihiko, who also directed Sailor Moon and Sarazanmai

  • Type: Manga
  • Genres: Mystery, Drama, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural
  • Authors: Ikunichauda (story), Hoshino Lily and Shibata Isuzu (art)
  • Serialization: Comic Birz
  • Release: December 3, 2019 for $12.99

Penguindrum, Vol. 1 — Manga

Magic User: Reborn in Another World as a Max Level Wizard

A forty-year-old Dungeons & Brave (a tabletop RPG) fanatic has settled as an average salaryman. One day an eldritch entity throws him into another world, where he awakens as Gio Marglis — his max level wizard. Despite having a similar plot to Overlord, in this tale the protagonist's goal is to rise as a hero.

  • Type: Light Novel
  • Genres: Fantasy, Magic, Isekai, Adventure, RPG
  • Authors: Ryota-H and Mikawa Souhei
  • Serialization: Unknown
  • Release: January 7, 2020 for $13.99

Magic User: Reborn in Another World as a Max Level Wizard, Vol. 1 — Light Novel

Dungeon Builder: The Demon King's Labyrinth is a Modern City!

Creation demons are beings which feed off of people's despair. The demons build malefic dungeons to which they allure unsuspecting people and eat their negative emotions. However, Demon Lord Procell has a different take on it. Instead of despair, he consumes hope and in order to do so he has decided to build a happy town. This is the story of a heroic demon in a villainous world.

  • Type: Manga
  • Genres: Action, Romance, Harem, Shounen, Isekai
  • Authors: Rui Tsukiyo (story) and Hideaki Yoshikawa (art)
  • Serialization: Comic Gardo (Overlap)
  •  Release: January 7, 2020 for $12.99 USA

Dungeon Builder: The Demon King's Labyrinth is a Modern City!, Vol. 1 — Manga

Reincarnated as a Sword

A typical nerd suddenly finds himself in another world, though, as a sword. After waking up, the sword-man launches himself in search for a wielder (only females), and although he doesn't know his name, he has kept the memories of his past life. Right at the beginning of the journey, the newly born sword saves a young catgirl from a life of slavery — together, the girl fights to become stronger, and the sword molds its way to discover what really happened to him.

  • Type: Manga
  • Genres: Fantasy, Isekai
  • Authors: Tomoo Maruyama (art) and Yuu Tanaka (story)
  • Serialization: Denshi Birz
  • Release: December 17, 2019 for $12.99

Reincarnated as a Sword, Vol. 1 — Manga

Our Dining Room

OUR DINING ROOM [Bokura no Shokutaku] tells the story of the lonely salaryman Yutaka, who is a talented cook and one day meets a pair of brothers in a park. The years-apart brothers ask Yutaka to teach them how to cook delicious food, and the three of them start eating together.

  • Type: Manga
  • Genres: Romance, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life
  • Authors: Mita Ori (story and art)
  • Serialization: RuTile
  • Release: December 3, 2019 for $12.99

Our Dining Room, Vol. 1 — Manga

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment