Anime Figure Releases: June '19 by Good Smile

Published May 23, 2019 — #releases #good smile company #figures

During the month of June 2019, Good Smile Company will be releasing 34 new anime scale figures. Here are the top 10 figurines that piqued my interest and may tickle your fancy as well.

Ram Lingerie Ver.: ReZERO

From the hit anime Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World of 2016 comes Ram, sitting in a throne (not the best person sitting today). She is either getting dressed or undressing — your imagination can figure that out for you. The figure is at 1/7th scale and was sculpted by Slowpock and painted by SOUYOKUSHA. While the sculpting and painting on Ram is charming and attractive, the red hues of the chair are what steals the show immediately, dragging your attention to them. Both the sculptor and painter did a fantastic job bringing this piece to life.

  • Delayed until July August 2019
  • Specifications: 1/7th scale PVC. Approximately 180mm in height.
  • Sculptor: Slowpock
  • Paintwork: SOUYOKUSHA
  • Pricing/Buy: Ram Lingerie Ver. @

Ram Lingerie Ver. from Re:ZERO — ©長月達平・株式会社KADOKAWA刊

Yui Yuigahama Bunny Ver.: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

Here comes the lovely air-head Yui Yuigahama, from the beloved franchise My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, also known as Oregairu, about a boy with a pair of dead fish eyes and the cute schoolgirls in a club. This version of her is a bit on the thick side of things being a 1/4th scale figure. The whopping 360mm (~14in) long figure was painted and sculpted by FREEing. The model work is impressive, and if bunny outfits are your thing then this is a must-have.

Yui Yuigahama Bunny Ver. from SNAFU — ©渡 航、小学館

Reg: Made in Abyss

Reg from the 2017 thriller Made in Abyss comes to life. When it comes to the figure looking like an anime character in real life, this figure is one of the best we have today. It feels as if it could move at any second, and the detail on the metallic hands is very lovely, from the paintwork to the sculpting. Onda (sculptor) and Otsuaki (painter) blew this piece out of the water, truly a fantastic figure. Reg arrives at a 1/6th scale, and his helmet is also removable if you prefer him that way.

  • Delayed until July 2019
  • Specifications: 1/6th scale ABS, PVC and Iron. Approximately 210mm in height.
  • Sculptor: Onda
  • Paintwork: Otsuaki
  • Pricing/Buy: Reg @

Reg from Made in Abyss — © 2017 つくしあきひと

Riko: Made in Abyss

From the same show comes Riko! While Reg looked a little shocked, Riko seems excited as if she is about to leap into an adventure. Riko is also at 1/6th scale, sculpted and painted by the same duo Onda & Otsuaki. Both of which did a great job bringing this piece to life. Just like the Reg figure, Riko’s helmet can be taken off if you prefer that look.

  • Specifications: 1/6th scale ABS, PVC and Iron. Approximately 210mm in height.
  • Sculptor: Onda
  • Paintwork: Otsuaki
  • Pricing/Buy: Riko @

Riko from Made in Abyss — © 2017 つくしあきひと

Louise Finale Wedding Dress Ver.: The Familiar of Zero

Louise is ready for her wedding. What about you? From a collaborative effort between KADOKAWA and Good Smile Company comes Louise, from The Familiar of Zero. This figure is at 1/7th scale and features some high detail sculpt work by Ajiken, specifically on the dress. The paintwork to bring out these creases and make the piece alive comes from Kenji Sugi. However, this is not even this figure’s final form as the skirt of the wedding dress is removable to reveal a much smaller mini dress. This piece is beautiful and a great way to celebrate The Familiar of Zero.

Louise from The Familiar of Zero — ©HEXAGON

Shirotani Todaomi: TEN COUNT

From the TEN COUNT series comes Shirotani Tadaomi (who says figures are only for guys?). This figure, like all the figures here, features some amazing sculpting work and paint work by the sculptor Kohirou, who did a perfect job on the clothes and the muscles of Shirotani. Ayumi Itsukaichi’s paintwork really complements Shirotani’s pose. This piece is sure to be a lady killer!

  • Delayed until August 2019
  • Specifications: 1/8th scale PVC. Approximately 190mm in height.
  • Sculptor: Kohirou
  • Paintwork: Ayumi Itsukaichi
  • Pricing/Buy: Shirotani Todaomi @

Shirotani Todaomi from TEN COUNT — ©宝井理人

Elf Yamada: Eromanga Sensei

The award-winning author from Eromanga Sensei is here. This acclaimed author is ready to take a dip in the pool, lake, ocean, or your bedroom shelf. This figure is at 1/7th scale and is sculpted by Hiroyuki Yamada, who strangely has the same family name… The paintwork was done by Mogumogu-san, and the figure has a stand to elevate Elf and make her feel higher. If you already own the Sakiri Izumi figure, this would be a great addition to the collection.

  • Delayed until August 2019
  • Specifications:  1/7th scale ABS and PVC. Approximately 270mm in height (including stand).
  • Sculptor: Hiroyuki Yamada (Phat!)
  • Paintwork: Mogumogu-san
  • Pricing/Buy: Elf Yamada @

Elf Yamada from Eromanga Sensei — © 2016 伏見つかさ

Megumi Kato: Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

From Saekano here is the best girl Megumi Kato. She is dressed in this adorable outfit that blends red and white with a bit of blue. She is at 1/7th scale and was sculpted by Jofuku x SEKA and painted by SOUYOKUSHA. Her coats detail looks highly realistic, and her thighs look very smooth as well. A must-have for fans of Saekano.

  • Delayed until July 2019
  • Specifications: 1/7th scale PVC. Approximately 200mm in height.
  • Sculptor: Jofuku x SEKA
  • Paintwork: SOUYOKUSHA
  • Pricing/Buy: Megumi Kato @

Megumi Kato from Saekano — ©2015 丸戸史明

Erina Nakiri: Shokugeki no Soma

I’m told not to give my opinion here, but it is time for the pièce de résistance. The blond goddess herself with the palate of God himself, Erina Nakiri. This absolute deity is at 1/8th scale and is sitting on her throne looking at her subjects (that’s you). She was sculpted with love and care by Katusuaki Nemoto. There is no painter listed, so it is assumed that she painted herself using her divine powers. This piece is everything you need in life and more…

  • Specifications: 1/8th scale ABS and PVC. Approximately 275mm in height (throne included).
  • Sculptor: Katsuaki Nemoto
  • Pricing/Buy: Erina Nakiri @

Erina Nakiri from Shokugeki no Soma — ©附田祐斗

Assassin Shuten-Douji: Fate/Grand Order

Shuten-Douji is here with a loose kimono and a lot of sake. This 1/7th scale figure sculpted by Ken Kawanishi and painted by Hajime Akimoto brings the concept of classy to a whole other level. Shuten is wonderfully sculpted so you can get all the detail. From her armor to her kimono to the very curves on her body, this figure is sure to please. The paint work makes her skin look super soft and pleasant. Ordering her now will give your shelf or display stand an intoxicating aura.

  • Delayed until July 2019
  • Specifications: 1/7th scale ABS and PVC. Approximately 155mm in height.
  • Sculptor: Ken Kawanishi
  • Paintwork: Hajime Akimoto
  • Pricing/Buy: Assasin Shuten-Douji @

Assassin Shuten-Douji from Fate/Grand Order — ©TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECT

Source: Good Smile Company