Anime Figure Releases: May '19 by Good Smile

Published Apr 28, 2019 — #releases #good smile company #figures

During the month of May 2019, Good Smile Company will be releasing 27 anime scale figures. Here are 10 of the figures to look out for, in no particular order:

Futaba Sakura: Persona 5

From Persona 5, the Atlus JRPG, anime and soon to be manga, we have a rerun of Futaba Sakura. She was initially released in March of 2018, but due to popular demand, she is back! If you missed your chance to get her last year, this is the perfect opportunity to snag her. She is a 1/7th scale figure sculpted by Mitsuru Saito. The figure is included with some extra parts that allow you to pose her without her jacket and holding Morgana and her cellphone!

©ATLUS ©SEGA All rights reserved.

Kenshin Himura: Rurouni Kenshin

From the beloved manga and anime written by Nubuhiro Watsuki, Rorouni Kenshin our main character Kenshin Himura has a figure based on an original illustration by the author. It is wearing a traditional Japanese outfit that seemed to be painstakingly sculpted by Yuki Ishiyama and painted by Hiroyuki Hirose to truly bring it to life. This figure really pops out like no other in today’s list.


Hatsune Miku: 10th Anniversary Version

We all know who this is and she needs no introductions. Hatsune Miku is celebrating her 10th anniversary with a 1/7th scale figure based on the illustration by Miku’s character designer, KEI, donned with an outfit designed by the manga artist, Mari Shimazaki. This figure is an explosion of colors. While that sounds like it will strain your eyes, the sculpting and paintwork by Takayuki Kawahara makes it very visually pleasant in a way words cannot describe.

Illustration by KEI © Crypton Future Media, INC.

Emilia: Re:ZERO

From the hit novel and anime, we have Emilia! This figure is, as usual, at 1/7th scale and features the most loved girl from the show (at least from Subaru’s eyes). She looks so lively she could start moving at any moment thanks to the sculpting work by Akachomu. He captured the flow of her arms very well, and made it so her sleeves and coattails look lifelike. This wonderful sculpture is then given the breath of life by the painter, Kenji Sugi, to make this figure a true masterpiece.


Kurisu Makise: Steins;Gate

It looks like Kurisu has used the microwave time machine again to jump to the future for a rerelease. If you were not able to get this one in 2012, then you will have another chance now! This figure is in 1/8th scale, sculpted by Tokunaga Hironori who really gave the figure a satisfying pose. The painter might be anonymous, but if I ever find out, I will amend this section to give them due credit.

© 2009-2018 MAGES./5pb./Nitroplus

Emilia High School Teacher Ver.: Re:ZERO

Re:Zero again! From the same show comes another figure. Surprise! It’s Emilia again, except she is in a completely different outfit: a school teacher outfit! Sadly, there is no credit to whoever the sculptors and painters are for this piece other than KADOKAWA, meaning it was probably a group effort. Either way, the figure is posed nicely and painted well just like the other figure. She is, of course, in 1/7th scale.

© 長月達平・株式会社KADOKAWA刊

Aqua: KonoSuba

From the wonderful world of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo!, comes the Goddess of Water dressed and ready to take a dip in the lake. Dressed I say, but she is honestly not wearing much which is a con for some and a pro for the majority. This figure is in 1/7th scale and was sculpted by Yusuke Masaki, who needs some accolades for really making Aqua look like a 3D version of her anime self. They really nailed it this time around as the figure looks fantastic especially when it is complimented well with the paint job of Arakuma. The piece was already shaped like the anime’s visuals, but with the colors, it just looks like Aqua is now in real life. Praised be these two people for a great figure (monument?) of the goddess of water, Aqua.

© 2017 暁なつめ・三嶋くろね/KADOKAWA

Jeanne d’Arc (Ruler): Fate/Grand Order

From the popular Fate series comes Jeanne, donning her elegant armor and wielding her banner, ready for combat. This 1/7th scale figure, sculpted by KIMA (LISASAYS) and colored by Iwabitsu, poses Jeanne in a combat-ready stance. As if the flag wasn't eye-catching enough, the silver of the armor plates and the blue of the flowing cloth clash against each other to make the figure stick out even more. Jeanne d’Arc stands even outside the Holy Grail War to raise the morale of the fans who wish to buy her figures.


Holo: Spice and Wolf

From the series that really needs a continuation, Holo, the Wise Wolf, presents herself in the stores. Her 1/8th scale figure looks phenomenal! The detail on its dress makes it look as if the dress used actual fabric! Not only is the dress gorgeous, but the details of the beer and its pitcher are also amazing. This piece, sculpted by Nobuta (REVOLVE) and painted by Elmi Hoshina, features Holo in a colorful dress, holding a wooden mug of beer and smiling delightfully like a giddy drunkard. Maybe if many people buy this great figure, more seasons of Spice and Wolf will come out!


Stephanie Dola: No Game No Life

From the hit anime and light novel, Stephanie Dola shows herself in a very revealing form (as usual). Her 1/7th scale figure captures the usual embarrassed look as she is donning a very revealing outfit. This figure — sculpted by Koudai Abe (Fenrir), who seems to have worked really hard capturing her curvatures of certain things very well if you catch my drift (I meant the outfit, you perverts), and painted by Wakimeki no Matsu — presents Stephanie Dola, still in her human form, which is rarely shown in the anime. The two people gave their heart and soul to capture the short-lived moment as a very lifelike figure. Plus, this piece is special as it comes with two mini figures — chibi Chlammy and chibi Fiel are included to pose right next to her.

©2014 榎宮祐・株式会社KADOKAWA

Source: Good Smile Company — Editors: Seinaru Ushi & Alter Ego