Seven Seas at Anime Expo 2019

Published Jul 4, 2019 — #seven seas #light novels #manga #anime expo

After Yen Press and Viz Media, Seven Seas also has their spotlight at Anime Expo with brand new licenses announced at their booth. Differently from the two preceding companies, it seems Seven Seas Entertainment focused more on franchises that were already quite established in this year and the previous; standing out particularly with two popular Shoujo-Ai new licenses.

Bloom Into You (Saeki Sayaka ni Tsuite)

Saeki Sayaka ni Tsuite (literal translation: Regarding Sayaka Saeki) is a spin-off of the well regarded Shoujo-Ai anime by TROYCA. This light novel, as the title implies, tells the backstory of Saeki Sayaka — student council vice president of the main title's school, and one of the main character's best friend. The book explores her romantic experiences prior to the beginning of the main series, first in elementary school, then in junior high.

  • Authors: Hitoma Iruma and Nakatani Nio;
  • Release: February 2020;
  • Genres: Romance, School, Shoujo Ai.

Bloom Into You — Light Novel

At Night, I Become a Monster

By Sumino Yoru, the creator of Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai (the moving film often compared to Kimi no na Wa), Yoru no Bakemono (At night, I become a monster) is a novel about a young man who transforms into a monster during the night. One evening, he sneaks into his high school, however, in an assumedly empty classroom there was a girl from his class.

  • Authors: Sumino Yoru;
  • Release: Spring/Summer 2020;
  • Genres: Fiction, School.

At Night, I Become a Monster — Light Novel

The King of Fighters: A New Beginning

Based on the worldwide famous fighting game franchise The King of Fighters (akin to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter), the homonymous manga serialized by  Pocket Shonen Magazine is the official manga adaption of the game The King of Fighters XIV, first released in 2016 on PlayStation 4.

  • Authors: Azuma, Kyoutarou;
  • Release: January 2020;
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Martial Arts.

The King of Fighters: A New Beginning, Vol. 1 — Manga


Citrus+ is the continuation of the finished manga Citrus. Citrus is a youthful story about two girls, with diametrically opposite personalities, who eventually fall in love with each other; that is, after the two move together due to familiar circumstances. The yuri lovestory of the blonde delinquent and the black-haired student council president.

  • Release: Fall 2019 (e-book simulpub with Japan), February 2020 (print);
  • Author: Saburouta (story and art);
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo Ai.

Citrus+, Vol. 1 — Manga (No Official Cover Yet)

My Status as an Assassin Obviously Exceeds the Hero's

In this manga, Oda Akira, a high schooler with an unnoticeable presence, is dropped into another world along with his classmates. In this warring magical reality, the students are asked to defeat the demon king, but suspecting of the king and princess who made the request, Oda sneaks into the king's library hoping for answers. In reality, only one of them will be able to become the true Hero.

  • Release: March 2020;
  • Authors: Aigamo Hiroyuki (art) and Akai Matsuri (story);
  • Genres: Action, Shounen, Fantasy, Adventure.

My Status as an Assassin Obviously Exceeds the Hero's, Vol. 1 — Manga

The Conditions of Paradise

One more item to Anime Expo's plentiful list of Shoujo-Ai's: The Conditions of Paradise (Rakuen no Jouken) manga by Morishima Akiko, a mangaka with too many love stories under the belt. The Conditions of Love is actually a collection of short yuri stories, each spanning one chapter of the single-volume nine-chapters book.

  • Release: February 2020;
  • Author: Morishima Akiko (story and art);
  • Genres: Romance, Yuri.

The Conditions of Paradise, Vol. 1 — Manga

Primitive Boyfriend

A manga about a school girl who suddenly travels back in time — 2.5 millions of years. There she finds Galhi, a primitive man (who looks more like a fully bipedal gorilla) of gentle nature that might be the man of her dreams.

  • Release: Spring/Summer 2020;
  • Author: Kitafuku Yoshineko (story and art);
  • Genres: Romance.

Primitive Boyfriend, Vol. 1 — Manga


A high schooler is inspired to create a short movie of his own with his friends. One day, while looking for his movie's potential cast, he spots a poster of Papiko, an adult video actress with big breasts. A peculiar romance manga.

  • Release: March 2020;
  • Author: Oku Hiroya (story and art);
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Seinen.

Gigant, Vol. 1 — Manga

Metamorphose no Engawa

An unconventional manga about an elderly woman that, after the passing of her husband and the close-down of the coffee shop they used to spend time at, discovers Shounen-Ai literature while wandering through a bookstore.

  • Release: April 2020;
  • Author: Tsuratani Aori (story and art);
  • Genres: Slice of Life.

Metamorphose no Engawa, Vol. 1 — Manga

My Androgynous Boyfriend

A manga revolving around Wako, a worker at a publishing company and her androgynous boyfriend who has perfect hair, makeup, and nails.

  • Release: February 2020;
  • Author: Tamekou (story and art);
  • Genres: Romance.

My Androgynous Boyfriend, Vol. 1 — Manga

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